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Being A Great Bridesmaid

Being a bridesmaid is honoring yet there are assignments that come with this. You're the bride's best friend, so you're "the chosen one" - your friend's getting married and it's a very special occasion indeed, but there are so many things to take care of, that you don't know what to think about first. The main idea is that you're supposed to glow, not for yourself - but for your friend - concentrate everything you do around that and you should be ok!

The dress - this is practically the toughest decision. You'd like it to be not too fancy, but still classy; think about the wedding theme when make a decision, and consult with friends - and especially with the bride (after all, it's the happiest day of her life - she should be the happy one). If you want dress examples, just Google them - you'll find hundreds; you can even have the pleasant surprise to find nice dresses under $100.

The shoes - should definitely go along with the dress - from every point of view (color, style and so on). Here I'd like to remark it's an absolute must that you feel very pleasant wearing them - you don't want anything ruining your mood - so take care when choosing them.

Choosing the hairstyle can be a real challenge, but that's when the Internet comes in again - it saves you lots of time, since you can always Google hairstyles, print them out and take them to your stylist. Depending on your hair's length, there are many variations that you can choose - but then again, you have to make sure it fits the dress, shoes and so on.

Last but not least, since you're the bridesmaid - you're best suited to organize the bridal shower party. It's strongly suggested to organize it secretly to surprise the bride 100% - so the effect will be guaranteed. Things to have on your mind: theme, the supplies, invitations, games, and so on - it's not an easy task at all.

Whatever your choices will be, everything will work out just great if you do things with all your heart and driven by the idea to please your friend. When you'll realize that it's all about giving and not receiving, everything will start to blossom for you and for your friend. Here's to your success!

About the Author: Emma owns a wedding party helpful website. It contains many resources related mostly to bridal shower parties, like: cheap, themes, ideas, decorations and many more..


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