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Organization 101: To Throw Or Not To Throw

It all depends on your decision-making skills and the object you are considering throwing or keeping.

Sort it out.

Mail received needs careful consideration, especially when they have been piling up for the past months or years! All bills received in the mail as well as personal letters should be placed in a box or a folder that indicates such. Decide immediately the correspondence that is worthy to be tossed in the trash; that catalogue from last year perhaps, or that invitation to acquire a credit card. If it is irrelevant, there is no use in keeping them.

Clean it out.

Admit it, there are clothes found in your closet that you haven't worn for the past twentyfour months. What is the best thing to do? Throw it out! Clean your closet of space-occupying clothes that no longer fit you, or that you never really liked. What's the use of keeping it? Give it to someone else who would appreciate it more. The same goes for toys.

If in doubt, don't keep it.

This is the most simple advice any one could follow in order to live a stress-free life. When in the process of sorting out, be honest with yourself. Do you really need it? Have you been able to survive for a month or a number of years without it? If you could, then junk it. Put it on Ebay. Anything, just let it out of your sight. Do this to your other stuff as well and you will discover just how much trash, about ninety five percent, you have been hoarding and could actually live without.

Dump the Dump, Dummy.

Look at how much trash there is on your desktop and in your My Documents folder. Better yet, scan your hard disk and discover how much irrelevant files are there. Most of these files are unused and probably haven't been opened for months (which in computer years means forever). Spend at least an hour each day scanning your folders and deleting any files you no longer need. It occupies unnecessary space and has weight. It also takes away the space which you could use for more current and pertinent files. Make a backup copy of files that you find irreplaceable.

Draw out the Files from your Drawer.

This poor container usually serves as the melting pot of all the junk anyone could carelessly cram into it. It catches all things, be it paperclips, gum wrappers or receipts. What should you do then? Grab the trash bin and throw away all the unnecessaries. Be hardnosed. Keep the important ones like the financial records for instance. Those you are not sure what to do with? Junk them all.xzy


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