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Earn With Your Boating Skills

Boating is a skill you can use to earn loads of money in different ways. Boating is one favorite hobby of the young and old alike. It is enjoyed most during spring breaks and during vacation. And those are the best times you should capitalize on using your skills.

Here are some things you can do to maximize your boating skills and be on your way earning extra cash.

1. Be a boating instructor. Even though boating is a popular sport, there are still many adults who haven't set foot on a boat yet. This is where you come in. Offer instructional services to boating novices. You might also find kids asking for your services.

2. Offer boat trips. If you have a boat, you can offer mini cruises and load in passengers. You can ask for a minimal payment from your cruise participants. You can also add jazz to the activity by acting as a tour guide and tell boating stories.

3. Open a boating store. Who else would be able to assist customers with their boating needs than a boating expert himself? You can setup a shop and sell top quality boating equipment and gear. You'll be amazed how the customers will be filing in.

4. Be a boating advisor. Some big companies and institutions need advisors and consultants in certain fields of boating. Try to be on the look out for these companies and apply for the job.

5. You can join the navy. Well, the navy is always open for apprentices joining their force. If you have adequate boating skills and marine background, then you might just be taken in. You can even be the next Admiral, if you work hard.

6. You can offer boating workshops and camps. This is going to be appealing to school kids who are always looking forward to summer camps. You may need to setup costly equipments and facilities for this earning opportunity, but your income from it will be twice a big as your start-up costs.

7. Offer boating rentals. If you have lots of boats at your disposal, you can rent these to tourists, visitors, and friends. You can charge a fixed fee per hour, or per day, depending on the agreement. You are also going to need to prepare a legal rental form as this is required by law.

Your boating skill is something you can definitely use to earn. Who knows, you may even be successful in it and you can quit your day job!


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